More and more people like street food. So, business people want to make money from it too. But there are a lot of different kinds of street food. It can take time to decide which one to make. That’s why we made a list of ideas for you. We have traditional and unique ideas from all over the world. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Street food business ideas

Popular food business on the world

Greek souvlaki

Souvlaki is a Greek dish of meat on skewers. It is easy to make, so it is suitable for fast food. Classic souvlaki has small pieces of pork on wooden skewers. It is served with a pita.

Greek Souvalki


Coxinhas are chicken croquettes, a popular type of street food in Brazil. They are made from choux pastry, deep-fried, and garlic and cream cheese for the filling. In appearance, they look like cute pyramids.


Ustipci is a small Serbian cutlet made of minced pork, feta cheese, ham or smoked brisket, garlic, and onions. They are served with fresh vegetables and a traditional flatbread. Ustipci is cooked on the grill and looks super tasty.


Currywurst is a famous German fast food. It is a fried sausage cut into pieces and served with tomato curry sauce. It can be an excellent alternative to hot dogs. The dish is offered on a disposable plate with a fork and generously sprinkled with turmeric root seasoning and sauces.



The most popular fast food in Hungary is langos. It is a fluffy cake made from yeast dough fried in boiling oil. Most of the time, it consists of cheese and sour cream sauce with herbs and garlic. Langos is also very popular in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and Austria. It can look like pizza or pie sprinkled with cheese and be round or boat-shaped. Langos is referred to as Hungarian pizza or Hungarian flatbread.


Porilainen is a Finnish closed sandwich. They have boiled sausage, a cross between a hamburger and a sub-sandwich. They are made from white bread, and the sausage should be thick and flat. Inside, you need onion cubes, pickles, and sauces – mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup.


This dish can be of different shapes, such as a puff, puff pie, or cigar roll. Burek is usually made from puff pastry and baked in an oven. Different names in different countries call it, but it is common in Israel, Armenia, Greece, and the Balkans. This dish is usually savory in Turkey and contains potatoes, meat, mushrooms, vegetables, or cheese.