You can find some solutions, but it is better not to use them. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work, which isn’t good. You want to be creative and come up with your ideas. Other people’s ideas will only get in the way of your creativity.

Unique restaurant concept

Questions to be answered

  1. Do you have dishes on your menu that your competitors don’t have? Vegan sushi, 100-calorie burgers, square-shaped pizza?
  2. Do you use organic products from farmers in your cooking?
  3. Do your chefs use unique cooking methods? New technologies for frying without oil, for example?
  4. Does your establishment offer customers unusual drinks that competitors do not have?
  5. How do you entertain visitors? Can you play board games, listen to live music performed by the orchestra, and enjoy the performance of DJs or stand-up artists?
  6. Does your establishment have the most convenient location?
  7. What special services does your establishment provide? Can you bring your beloved pet? Do you serve food in jars or space tubes?

Creation of the concept

After answering the questions, you can formulate the following:

General Idea

Who will provide catering services too? How will you treat, delight, and entertain guests? What is the average check size?

Portrait of the target audience

Who are your guests? Do they like to be alone or with others? What kind of books and movies do they like? Are they interested in sports or theater?

Location Features

Where will it be? What is nearby: shopping center, business center, kindergarten, school, university, city administration, private clinic?

Menu Features

If you make traditional French food like hot meat dishes, soups, salads, and pastries, will you have a different dish every day? Do you want to make new food that can only be ordered for a short time?

Creation of the concept

Service Features

Think about what it would be like to enter the restaurant as a customer. What do you see when you first come in? Does a waiter greet you right away and show you to your table? How long does it take for the waiter to hand you a menu, answer any questions, and take your order?

Staff Composition

How many people do you need to work for your business? You will need a manager, two receptionists, a chef, a sous chef, four cooks, two bartenders, six waiters, two dishwasher-cleaners, two kitchen assistants, and two wardrobe workers? ? Is this enough or too much/little? Some employees need special training or education to do their job well.

Additional Services

Are you planning to provide extra services like delivering food, selling food to go, or organizing banquets and picnics at a different location?